We are a brand that researches its sources and raw materials with passion, playing with material combinations to create distinctive products that are a combination of street style and elegance, minimalism and non-conformism, accessibility and made to order.

Salizada wants to celebrate fashion in all its expressions, experimenting with volumes, materials and colors in a selection of unique pieces. Through the customization of some products we offer small capsule collections in collaboration with other artisans and artists. 


Like our two founders’ tastes, opposite, we transform distance into a creative opportunity. The meeting point is Salizada which bears the characteristics of both. Each product has details that are apparent contradictions and are best represented by the iconic Billboard bag handles. They are different to represent the two creatives of the brand.

Human sustainability is a particularly dear concept to us: the creation of a network of collaborations with other emerging realities. These collaborations primarily recognize the knowledge and passion of others and the products that are born do not want to be only  aesthetically beautiful but rich in humanity.

human s
made in italy

Made in Italy has always been synonymous with excellent quality and craftsmanship throughout the world. We realize all our products by hand with love in our workshop in the Venetian, using zero-kilometer Italian materials, with the desire to pass this value on to the generations to come.

We have grown up in direct contact with the Italian artisan tradition, and have decided to deal firsthand with every phase of the creative process: from the concept to the realization of the product itself through a production in limited series favoring the care of each item to mass production.   

ethical fashion

We are sensitive to this topic and belive that  sustainable future is the only possible future. It is for this reason that we use Italian tanned leather that abides by current regulations to protect the environment and the animals. We procuce on request not to influence a system that is already highly overproduced. We offer upcycle capsule collections.